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Dhanika Choksi


There's something magical about capturing the bond between couples who are about to tie the knot. At both your pre-wedding session & your wedding day I want your experience to feel like a Date, fun, silly , romantic, yet relaxed . My approach is to capture your moments with the eye of a photojournalist & the creativity of an editorial photographer. I want you to be able to look at your photographs & be able to remember exactly why you were cracking up that day, or how your father was wiping those tears away during the ceremony.These are the photographs I want to give you .
Sure , I'll compose intentional shots, and even pose you sometimes, but I'm most eager to witness your interactions within the frame. That is where the Magic is ! It is in YOU .

I also understand & appreciate that my style & approach may not be for everyone. I can proudly say that my best work is a result of collaborative effort with couples whom I connect with. My couples are kind, creative, think outside the box, love some style element, love traditions, but not for the sake of of it. They want to throw a wedding that feels like THEM , and know that their wedding day is about expressing themselves together .

I invite you to share your relationships, stories, and dreams with me ,so that together we can create memories that will last a lifetime ...