It’s the first day of 2019 and i’m yawing away on my 6 am flight to Bangalore after celebrating New Years Eve in Bombay ; I haven’t slept a wink & i’m wondering what in the world possessed me to take up an assignment on the first of January ? and besides, will the bride really have people turn up for her Haldi today !? Anyway, after 2 coffees combined with  2 hours of sleep ,as soon as I reached  Manjari’s house and met her family and friends , it dawned on me  how lucky I was to  have been chosen by Manjari and Taresh and what a blast the next few days are going to be . The ceremonies started with a small Haldi ritual in the backyard , where Manjari sat on a swing set that had been decorated very cutely by her dad with Jaipuri Umbrellas , fresh flowers, and paper lanterns . Soon after , Taresh and his parents dropped by for a quick shagan ceremony & showered Manjari with gifts, after which  both families bonded in  the most quintessential Indian manner with chai and snacks .

On day two, both families moved into the lush green Angsana Resort on the outskirts of Bangalore , where the celebrations kicked off  with a mehendi ceremony, in which everyone was dancing and singing , except that the the Dj was replaced with music that came from Classic instruments like Dholak,  Ghungroo and Manjeera , and the Songs of Honey Singh and Badshah were replaced with the melodies voices of uncles that sang songs of Shammi Kapoor and Dilip Kumar while their wives giggled  like shy school girls ; it was adorable but more than that it was just sheer joy to experience such subtlety ,especially in a day and age where everyone is busy making noise literally and figuratively   ! the evening was also an extension of the same simplicity , with a small ring ceremony followed by  a few fun games for the couple and the families after which everyone hit the beds in anticipation of the wedding day that started off early in the morning .

Day three was a beautiful sunny winter morning , the kind that is perfect for an outdoor wedding (my favorite kind) and sprinkled with lots of endearing (Awwww) moments .Like when Taresh and his Baarat were on their way to the Mandap,  dancing away across from Manjari’s room , and incidentally she just happened to be out on the porch  and ready , so everyone came by and danced a little with her too (awwww )  after which Manjari made her bridal entry dancing away with her friends and cousins. Taresh of course, couldn’t resist the chance to dance with his bride and joined her under the Phoolon ka chadar to make it the cutest bridal entry ever …after which both of them got married under a vibrant mandap adorned with pinwheels and marigolds, while Taresh and Manjari’s friends combated each other over the groom’s shoes !

Manjari & Taresh Thank you so much for letting Rimi & me be a part of of your wedding celebrations, because truly that’s what it felt like more than being the ones that captured your wedding , I’m so thrilled to know that there is still a handful of couples like you two ,who follow their hearts instead of blind traditions and make their weddings an honest representation of who they are as a couple .

Location – Angsana Oasis resort & Spa
Photography  – Dhanika Choksi & Rimi Sen



Manjari & Taresh’s intimate Bangalore wedding

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