How do I even begin to describe what it was like to photograph Kenneth & Arya’s  beautiful wedding at the Anantara Peace Haven in Tangalle, Sri Lanka which literally had 15 guests!

Dolce Vita ( sweet Life) ,are the words that come closest to describing it;  At this wedding the bride was seen sipping cocktails, playing Marco Polo in the pool more than she was seen fussing over the decor or her hair and make-up. And the groom was seen helping the bride get ready for the big day, whispering sweet nothings to her ,just so she would always be smiling .

Their wedding ceremony was simple and joyful , like them , Arya wore an ethereal white saree and Kenneth dressed u in a traditional kurta and dhoti . The wedding ceremony took place under a rustic mandap that overlooked the turquoise ocean and was followed by a Sit down lunch .

I’m so incredibly grateful to have witnessed and captured their intimate wedding , especially in times when Indian weddings are becoming more and more about out-doing one another with themes, locations, Budgets, Labels etc.  Arya and Kenneth focused on spending quality time with their loved ones in a wedding that felt true to themselves ,allowing them to be truly present in every moment that would turn into a sweet memory .


Arya & Kenneth’s picturesque wedding in Sri Lanka

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