They say your Vibe attracts your Bride , ok fine , I say that ! but its absolutely true with me and i’m sure many of my fellow photographers will say the same for themselves . Pooja and me started our conversation over the phone and decided to meet up at Perch for coffee. Looking back I distinctly remember her confessing “Dhanika , honestly I had decided on a another team to capture my wedding , but then I stumbled on your Instagram page, called you up on a whim and blurted out I’m confirming you!”

Over the span of 3 days of wedding festivities , I captured a bride who  enjoyed her wedding to the fullest. She fed everyone mithai, Umeshu ( her favorite Japanese wine) and chaat , she turned her Haldi into a Holi ,and at one point had so much adrenaline that she even carried everyone in her arms and danced . No one was spared , not even me ! then on the wedding day she even got ready 2 hours before she needed to and wanted to walk across to Starbucks with me for coffee  (No bride EVER!)

In all these small moments and over our endless chats I realised that we definitely had a connection and that somewhere the universe had played its cards right . Both of us had attracted our tribe . Pooja thank you for your being YOU and trusting me.

P.s. Rohit , Yes i’m a little biased towards your wife , sorry !



Pooja & Rohit

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