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Hey there! I've been sitting in front of the computer for hours wondering what to write for my ABOUT ME page, and I've got to be honest, I'm much better at telling stories through photographs, than words. What I can tell you for sure is that photography is who I am, I'm more cheerful, more creative, more accepting when I'm shooting. And when I'm not behind the camera, I like to spend my time reading, I'm a book junkie actually , I buy more books than I can ever read! I also love traveling and doing adventurous things like Rafting,Bungee jumping, camping or wildlife safaris. I'm a true Scorpio, who has never been accused of moderation, I'm either All or nothing . 
The smell of rain, chocolates, dogs, the beach & wine are some of my favorite things. I could go on and on about myself, but I'll end it here... 
I would love for you to share the dreams that you have for your wedding day, so please don't hesitate to drop me line through the Contact page.. Thank you for visiting, I look forward to capturing your story .  

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Weddings are Joyful and Vibrant occasions and your photos should reflect that happiness! 
I'm attracted to bright colours and clean lines and emotions , and I strive to capture your story as organically as possible ..I aim to create a balance between beautiful, romantic portraits and candid, natural moments.

My brides like me because I can be the friend that fluffs up the dress to perfection for photos but also be trusted to capture every teardrop and every embrace that she will cherish again and again over time ....
Of course, I work like hell to earn this trust , but most of all , I honestly and furiously LOVE what I do .

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We believe the hard part is over , You have found the person you can't imagine life without ; All we ask from you is to come to us with open hearts & minds and we will take care of the rest . We aren't your typical run of the mill traditional photographers;
We just don't want to be . 
Since we only work with folks with whom we feel a connection and who love our work and love us,  each year we are able to collaborate with only a limited amount of couples .




Q & a

Here's a few questions you may want answered in order to help you make a few decisions ...for anything other than these points, please don't hesitate to call me
  Q. What is your signature style ?
  A.Vibrant, Effortlessly elegant,Emotive,Warm & Genuine.
  Q. What are your specialties ?
 A. Destination weddings, portraiture and having FUN !
 I'm also great at making couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. I'm funny, disarming & I will learn the names of everyone in your family & your wedding party, so they'll look at me and smile.
 Q. Do you shoot Wedding films too ?
 A. Yes ! we almost always have film team along side on every wedding we shoot; to see our work please get in touch via email & I'll send you links .
 Q. What is your Payment schedule ?
 A. My payment terms are simple - 70% to book and block the date on my calendar, and the balance 30% is due within one week after the wedding date. Image editing will begin only after realisation of the complete payment - and this is non-negotiable. 
 Q. How many images will I get ?
 A. The no. of images varies with each function, and we focus on quality more than quantity , so you can expect an average of 200- 300 images per   day /event 
 Q. what are your wedding packages? 
 A. We believe every wedding is as distinct as its couple , and therefore each package also varies; having said that, our wedding packages for film   and photography begin at 1 and half lakhs per day on an average..


Manjari and Taresh got married in a small place outside of Bangalore with their closest friends and family as witness and gave me the best start to my new year 


Manjari & Taresh // Bangalore 

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